A Mission Moment with Marilyn,

From the Desk of the Executive Director of The Open Hearth

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe and well. 

In these trying times, I am constantly looking for a silver lining – something to remind me that we will get through this, and when we do, we will be stronger and more resilient than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

So today, I want to share with you a few of the silver linings that are keeping me hopeful in these challenging times.

First, The Open Hearth is privileged to have you as a committed friend. I am so very thankful for you and your ongoing support of the men of The Open Hearth.  Because of loyal supporters like you, the clients of The Open Hearth continue to be safe, housed, and fed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you once again to the many supporters who have donated to the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal as well as those who have provided much needed items to help us through this crisis.

The men of The Open Hearth are safe.  We have implemented a variety of safety protocols to try to ensure that The Open Hearth community remains healthy including social distancing within our residential facilities and sheltering in place.  Unfortunately, for our men, like many of our supporters, these measures have resulted in job losses, but I remain hopeful that as life slowly returns to normal, many of the men of The Open Hearth will be gainfully employed once again.

It is not business as usual at The Open Hearth.  While we are challenged now to adapt and create new ways to meet the needs of the community experiencing homelessness, we are not losing sight of the future – the future of the men of The Open Hearth. This is why I am so very pleased to announce that amidst the current disruption, The Open Hearth, in partnership with St. Patrick – St. Anthony Church, is now providing housing for 12 men of The Open Hearth at the Church’s existing housing facility, Catherine’s Place.  This partnership is aptly named The Open Hearth at Catherine’s Place.

Just two weeks ago, eight men from The Extended Program (TEP) at The Open Hearth moved into Catherine’s Place. It is a huge milestone in these men’s recovery and their journey to self-sufficiency.  It provides an opportunity to live independently while still maintaining a close connection to the supports provided by The Open Hearth.  We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the St. Patrick – St. Anthony Church and expand our continuum of services for the men of The Open Hearth.

So, in this time of some dark days, we continue to find bright light and good news to share with you, our most loyal supporters.  Please know that your ongoing support continues to help men help themselves during these unprecedented times.

Be well and stay safe.

Warmest regards,

Marilyn Rossetti
Executive Director

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